Sensitive shadows

Light penetrates a drawing on transparent paper, which functions as a negative for the photographic works, then a pane of glass, adhesive strips, etc... When it hits the light-sensitive photographic paper, the traces of the shadows of the drawing become visible and form a dark, undefined space; the motif enters the viewer's gaze, sometimes concretely, sometimes diffusely.

The works depict questions about object and light, perception and reality, as well as my view of the analogue photographic process as a conceptual and poetic moment.
The drawing as a negative irritates the generalized perception of photography and directs thinking to its origin: the transformation of shadow to light, of object to surface.

In this way the photographic paper becomes a negative mirror: penetrating the light-sensitive layer, the layers of transparent paper and materials rest in the depth of the photographic paper.

How the works were created is not apparent at first glance; gradually, fine hatching, white magnetic imprints, blurs that do not follow any logic and planes of movement and superimposition created with the help of the exposure process emerge as clues.
The contrast between the personal and physical expression of the drawing against the systematic and incorruptible nature of the photograph is determined by the almost archetypal motifs that peel out of the dark papers as if archetypal.